David Duchovny's sex act slip!

  John Wayne gives drunken speech

  Elvis insists he's not "strung out!"

  Mike Tyson's words of wisdom


Steve Ballmer goes nuts!


Ross Perot's sex secret!

the entire collection of hilarious bloopers for just five cents each! Unlimited plays. Contains adult content.


What’s a Celebrity Rant?
Celebrity Rants presents animated portraits based on actual uncensored recordings of your favorite stars. Each clip is an authentic rant that was never really meant to be heard by the public. These recordings have been lovingly collected from industry insiders, disgruntled employees, voice-over out takes, banned material and the proverbial "cutting room floor." All rants are guaranteed 100% authentic and have not been enhanced, altered or changed. In some cases, the rants have been slightly edited for time length only and their content has not been affected. Because of the diverse source material and recording conditions, the audio quality may vary. Rather than "sweeten" the audio tracks, the rants are presented warts and all in their original form.

Where Do You Clods Get These Recordings?
These recordings are submitted to us by users like yourself. We receive audio out takes and bloopers from all sorts of folks. Rest assured, your submissions are treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. We pledge never to reveal the sources of our rant content. The identity of the user making the file submission will not be disclosed.

I Have A Recording! How Do I Submit It?
If you have a funny recording of a public figure mouthing off or losing their cool, we'd love to add it to this collection. Please read our submission guidelines and criteria for more details on what we're looking for. You can also contact us at our anonymous tip email address and we'll respond within 24 hours. All correspondence is confidential and secure.

What Age Group Is This Site For?
This site is made for adults only. It is not directed to children under 13 years of age. By using this site, the user declares that they are of legal age and not offended by profanity or the spoiled ranting and raving of hot tempered celebrities.

What Are The Technical Requirements?
This site requires the Flash 5 browser plug-in. Please visit the Macromedia web site to download this free plug-in. Celebrity Rants is optimized for the Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and a PC using Windows 98 or higher. Due to technical issues beyond our control, we can not guarantee performance or proper display on the Macintosh, Netscape or America Online. Faster modem speeds will provide a more enjoyable experience. For specific technical questions, broken links or bugs, please write to us.

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About Our Staff
CelebrityRants.com depends on the site's users and a large inside network of Hollywood handlers, celebrity associates and disgruntled employees of the stars. As soon as the Celebrity Rants team gets their stinking paws on an authentic "off-the-cuff" recording, they turn it into a wildly unflattering animation for you to enjoy and share with friends. Got a recording you'd like to submit? We'd love to hear from you.

Our Promise
All celebrity dialogue is 100% authentic and uncut!

Celebrity Rants Statement of Satire
CelebrityRants.com is a work of parody and intended for entertainment purposes. Any similarity to loathsome celebrities living or dead is purely coincidental.
We value the input of our users. Please tell us what you think and drop us an email.

The Open Source Pledge
This entire site was built by hand using free, open-source technology. Not a nickel has gone to Microsoft in the construction of this web product.



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