David Duchovny's sex act slip!

  John Wayne gives drunken speech

  Elvis insists he's not "strung out!"

  Mike Tyson's words of wisdom


Steve Ballmer goes nuts!


Ross Perot's sex secret!

the entire collection of hilarious bloopers for just five cents each! Unlimited plays. Contains adult content.



CelebrityRants.com sets contraband audio clips of the stars with
original "talking head shots" parody animation.

New York, NY – CelebrityRants.com features contraband audio clips that were never meant to be heard by the public. These recordings have been covertly collected from industry insiders, disgruntled employees, censored material and profane out-takes left on the proverbial cutting room floor.

Examples include Britney Spears' notorious "open mic" tirade from the Rock in Rio concert as well as classic temper tantrums caught on tape from American Top 40 host Casey Kasem; the late film director and wine pitchman Orson Welles; and near-death Hungarian cop-slapping diva, Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Each audio clip is synced to hilarious animated photos of the stars "speaking" their incriminating monologue. These "talking head shots" evoke the retro look of Monty Python animation and the Clutch Cargo-style interviews seen on Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

"The site is not only a great archive of incriminating moments caught on tape, it's also the home base for bashing the stars we love to hate" says the Celebrity Rants editors. "In an age of Martha Stewart, Enron and Lizzie Grubman, the site is relevant, biting – and laugh-out-loud funny."

CelebrityRants.com has attracted a cult following of devoted members who enjoy the sport of watching pop culture icons crumble. What F*cked Company is to failed businesses, Celebrity Rants is to pompous public figures.

CelebrityRants.com features uncut, unscripted open-mike recordings that the stars didn't want you to hear. These are the kind of off-the-cuff bloopers that reveal how the stars really behave when they think no one's looking. All celebrity dialogue is 100% authentic and uncut. In addition to original animated content, CelebrityRants.com features a popular monthly newsletter.

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About the Site
CelebrityRants.com is a humor web site that exposes the dark side of today's popular celebrities by presenting uncut, unscripted open-mike recordings the stars didn't want the public to hear. The Celebrity Rants staff combs the media for audio clips that were banned, canned or otherwise left on the proverbial "cutting room floor!" Each rant is enhanced with original animated portraits that can be mailed and viewed online. The site also features parody content based on the missteps of today's most beloved and notorious public figures.

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Contact Information
email: editor@celebrityrants.com

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