David Duchovny's sex act slip!

  John Wayne gives drunken speech

  Elvis insists he's not "strung out!"

  Mike Tyson's words of wisdom


Steve Ballmer goes nuts!


Ross Perot's sex secret!

the entire collection of hilarious bloopers for just five cents each! Unlimited plays. Contains adult content.


The Best of Celebrity Rants: Volume One
As collected by the editors of CelebrityRants.com

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July 2003

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Hear the full length uncut raw rants on audio CD! Now you can listen to your favorite stars mouth-off without the need for a damn computer! The album features 16 hilarious "open-mic" bloopers and blow-ups that were too outrageous to put on our web site! Includes Casey Kasem, Orson Welles, Britney Spears, Elvis Presley, Bobby Knight, Howard Cosell, Barry White, William Shatner and many more! Due to the overwhelming response, we anticipate up to three weeks for delivery. Rest assured, your credit card will not be charged until the CD is actually shipped. Questions? Write us.

Listen to Samples
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01. Casey Kasem's classic "doggie death dedication!"
02. Orson Welles complains "under protest!"
03. Orson Welles curses the "depths of your ignorance!"
04. Jim Backus blows up during a La-Z-Boy ad!
05. Elvis gets drugged up and claims he's really not "strung out!"
06. Britney Spears' open-mic bitching backstage at a Rio concert!
07. Bobby Knight gives one of his legendary post-game "pep talks"
08. Prez. Bill Clinton dodges a reporter's adultery question!
09. Howard Cosell rants about his "...apartment being painted!"
10. Howard Cosell says "...it 'ain't a one hour television spectacular!"
11. Barry White goes ballistic over an ad voice over blooper!
12. Jack Palance curses and "approaches burnout!"
13. William Shatner debates the pronunciation of the word "sabotage"
14. William Shatner hates direction and says "...it sickens me!"
15. Houston DJ and the famous "Icehouse freak out!"
16. Steve Ballmer goes nuts during a company-wide address.

All tracks are digitally re-mastered to have equalized sound quality and gain levels. Because of the diverse source material and original recording conditions, the audio quality may still vary slightly. All rants are 100% authentic and uncut. Contains adult content and foul language. No celebrity was harmed in the making of this CD.


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